Academic Plan 2014-2015

The draft of school year (SY) 2014-2015 Academic Plan has been posted for your review.  If you are familiar with the formats of our previous school year's Academic plans, you will notice that this template has changed.  The first page, which includes the graphs, indicates next SY's set targets for math and reading proficiency.  In recent memory La`ie Elementary School has made adequate yearly progress on the No Child Left Behind requirements.  With the shift in the new Strive HI Performance System, La`ie Elementary is identified as a "Continuous Improvement" school.  (For more information about the Strive HI Performance System go to  With the new Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) assessment however, next year's math and reading proficiency targets have been reduced by 30%.  The 30% reduction in the math and reading proficiency will be a state norm however, because of the new SBAC assessment and the shift to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), from the Hawai`i State Assessment and the Hawai`i Content and Performance Standards.  

The Department of Education's priority strategies include: 1) Common Core State Standards; 2) Comprehensive Student Supports; 3) Formative Instruction/Data Teams; 4) Educator Effectiveness; 5) Induction and Mentoring; and 6) Academic Review Teams.  For more specific information how La`ie Elementary is progressing through these priorities, please read pages two to three.  

The SY 2014-2015 Academic Plan is a document that highlights the goals for La`ie Elementary, the programs, and the available resources to reach these goals.  Through our comprehensive needs assessment, it was determined that the faculty required further professional development with the CCSS, Depth of Knowledge (higher order and more rigorous questioning), and writing across all curriculums.  We will continue to provide additional instructional support to our students through our Twilight School (after-school tutoring) program, in-school tutoring, and study hall.  We will also remain steadfast to our school data teams--teachers collaboratively analyze student performance data to improve their classroom instruction.  

We are in the process of purchasing additional Apple laptop mobile labs for Grades 2-3, and have planned to purchase Apple iPad mobile labs for Grades K-1 next SY.  To assist our classroom teachers with the implementation of a quality physical education curriculum and to continue our health and nutrition initiatives, a second PE part-time teacher position will be added to our staff beginning next SY.    

The full plan is available for download in the download section below - you are encourage to download and view it.

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Thank you.  

Matthew C.W. Ho

Don Hasegawa,
Mar 29, 2014, 2:07 PM