La'ie Elementary grades 3 - 6 students were assigned accounts on Typing Agent, an online keyboarding program.  Teachers introduced the program either during the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year.  Each student will be going at their own speed through the various lessons and in addition to using it in class, it is expected that they will be doing regular practice outside of class.  It can be just a little time each day, like 10 - 15 minutes or the amount of time it takes to complete a single lesson. Our library is also open for students to practice keyboarding, either before school or after school during regular library hours.

Access Your Account
Students may access their Typing Agent account at:     (do not use the regular Typing Agent site - this is a custom portal for La'ie students)

Some Other Typing Games
Please note that these games require you to have Adobe Flash installed.  You can click on this icon to download it.

Kindegarten - Gr. 2
Keyseeker (K)  interactive tool for Kindies to recognize letters on the keyboard & use the correct hand
Keyboarding Zoo for K-2, learn the keyboard by matching letters on the screen to your keyboard
Typing Rocket Jr. educational multi player racing game that allows students from all over the world race each other while practicing keyboarding skills

 Gr. 3 - 6
Keyboarding Challenge Your job is to put a keyboard back together. You can click and drag letters to their correct places
Dance Mat Typing a fun way to practice touch typing, four levels, each with 3 stages
Keyboard Invasion practice keyboarding by stopping the aliens before they reach Earth!
Spider Typer help the spider climb to the top of the tree & escape the hungry chameleons
Nitrotype worldwide, real-time typing competition, improve your typing by competing with other typers
Keyboarding Chase multiplayer racing game that allows students from all over the world to race each other
Typing Rocket Players have 60 seconds to type the letters on the rockets.
Keyboard Ninja Be a master keyboard ninja! Slice fruit by typing the letter, avoid the bombs!
Alpha Munchies Protect your lunch! Type the letters above the critters as they fall from the sky
Typing Adventure 1 Type your way to the treasure
Typing Adventure 2 Here we go again.  Type your way to the treasure in this second adventure