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President: Katie Pasi

VP Education: Vernice Uyehara

VP Community: Melissa Wilson


Secretary: Sonnie Muaina

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PTCO Bulletin

For parents, teachers, and community members to stay "in the loop!"


Dr. Suess Day -- March 2nd.  We need about 38 volunteers to read to children in their classrooms.  Please communicate with your child’s teacher if you would like to read a story.  After you read, stop by the PCNC room for a small thank you gift!

Spring Break -- March 20-24 -- No school.

Prince Kuhio Day -- March 27 -- No school.  

Battle of the Books

Wednesdays after school in P7.  Official competition will be held at Turtle Bay Resorts on SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 2017. We can begin as early as 3pm and must be out of the ballroom by 9pm. School competitions will be held before this.  TBA.

Geckos on the Move

Looking for a way to feel more a part of the Laie School Community or support your child in the school day?  Geckos on the move is a lunch-time program where kids run around the track and get prizes.  We are looking for helpers.  Those that have volunteered in the past like it, because they get to know lots of kids at the school, they get to see what their own kids do at recess, and they get to be part of helping kids feel like they are ALL runners.  Come anytime between 11:15 and 12:45.  Bring a pen. Meet on Kamehameha Filed and the field by the new playground.  Come!  And bring a friend with you!

Laie LOOP helpers

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If anyone is interested in helping to put out this community-centered parent bulletin, text 808-778-5262.  It is something you can do from home that doesn’t take much time, but keeps people in the loop.