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Dangerous Item Found

posted Feb 12, 2014, 3:20 PM by Don Hasegawa
A marijuana "bong" was found late this morning in front of B108.  In fact, a student was found handling the item--an adult also found an empty "baggie" nearby.  

As you can imagine, this item is dangerous, and the residue alone could cause harm to anyone, especially a child.  Please remind your children not to handle any unknown objects found on campus, and be sure to report it to an adult ASAP.  I am also asking the staff to be vigilant about the areas near their classroom, while on yard duty, and other campus areas as well.  

HPD has been notified to assist in increasing presence at night and over weekends.  The custodians will continue to be vigilant when reporting to campus in the mornings.  Notification will be sent to our families as well.    

Thank you.

Matthew C.W. Ho