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Security on Campus

posted Mar 12, 2013, 2:01 PM by Don Hasegawa
Security on LES Campus

As a precaution following last Friday's lockdown, the District Office has provided a security attendant from Keamalu Consulting Investigation Consulting Agency to be on our campus for the time being. You may see Nicklas on our campus. He is a burly young man, usually wearing all black. He does wear a visitors pass and has a walkie talkie to keep in touch with administration and the front office.

During a Lockdown

As a reminder to parents/guardians, during a school lockdown students and all school personnel will remain secured inside closed (windows and doors) rooms. No one will not be allowed to exit or leave campus during a lockdown until administration deems the situation safe and clear. Teachers/Adults in the closed classrooms remain in contact with the front office, administration, and other teachers by the telephones in the classrooms and email.

We understand communication is very important during any school safety exercise, and we will notify our parents as soon as possible through letters home and using the automated phone system. During our lockdown however, we were obtaining as much information about the verbal threat to make informed decisions, and consulting with the District Office and HPD to plan out the next course of actions. We understand misinformation about LES's lockdown was posted on a social media site and through individuals being misinformed, which caused panic and prompted a neighboring school to unnecessarily to go into lockdown as well.

Our faculty and staff and students did extremely well and were very organized--all students remained out of harm's way and were accounted for. As with anything, there is still room for improvement and we are still improving our emergency plans. At the end of the school day on Friday, a faculty meeting was held to debrief the entire faculty about the day's events, as well as to get feedback for future improvements. We will be practicing a lockdown emergency at least once more in the fourth quarter.

We again thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our lockdown last Friday. Although it caused inconvenience and disruption to our normal school operations, the safety of everyone on our campus prompted immediate safety measures. From the feedback we received, our families were very understanding and supportive, and some even arrived on campus prepared to assist in any way they could.

Thank you all for your patience and support.

Matthew C.W. Ho