Tech Support

Laie Chromebook Tech Support

This page is only for technical support for chromebooks borrowed from Laie Elementary during the period of school closure during the COVID-19 crisis. This is not for application support or Google account support and this is not for requesting for a chromebook.

For your chromebook to work, you must be a Laie Elementary student with a Laie Google account and you must have an available Wi-Fi connection.

Don't have a Laie Google account or having issues with your Google account?
    Please contact your classroom teacher.

Don't know how to connect to Wi-Fi?
    Make sure you are near an available Wi-Fi network that you can connect to
        1. Turn on or open your chromebook and wait until it turns on
        2. At the bottom right, select the time
        3. Select the Wi-Fi icon .
        4. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on and that you can see available networks. If not, turn Wi-Fi on
        5. Look at the list of available networks and select the Wi-Fi network that you are connecting to
        6. Type in the network password, if required. Select connect

Chromebook doesn't turn on?
    Have you plugged in and charged the chromebook for awhile? Due to school not being in session, a lot of the
    chromebooks are not charged.
    Is the plug securely plugged into the electrical outlet in the wall?
    Is the power adapter pushed in all the way into the chromebook?
    Is the charge indicator light next to the charger port on the chromebook lighting up?
    Have you tried pushing the power button? if it doesn't turn on, try holding it down for about 30 seconds.

Still not working? Need help? Click on the button below to fill out and submit a trouble ticket. Please be aware that we have limited options for troubleshooting or replacements. If a solution is not available, you may end up without a device.